My favorite meal of the day…


My favorite breakfast staple is oatmeal.Morning (and right after a workout) are the best times to ingest carbs. Why?


You need this in the morning to get your day started! (I also need coffee!) While oatmeal is traditionally a whole-grain, less processed breakfast food, there are variations available that are not so good.

If you are looking to clean up your diet go with the big tub of plain oats that you have to cook/microwave. The worst ones are the pre-packaged fake flavored oatmeal with added sugar and artificial flavorings. There are basically 3 types of “good” oatmeal:

1. Quick oats: These are the most processed type of oatmeal, and therefore the easiest to prepare in the morning. I’ve found this works best when I am preparing a richer flavor oatmeal and cooking with almond/coconut milk.

2. Rolled oats: Less processed oats. These work best when prepared on the stove, so if you want to try these allow yourself enough time in the morning. I’ve prepared these with non-dairy milk and you can’t taste it at all, so I would suggest just preparing with water

3. Irish oatmeal/steel cut oats: Least processed oatmeal you can buy. They are the “best” for your diet because they have not been changed as much as the others from their true form, but they are also the most expensive and take the longest to prepare


My favorite way to prepare oatmeal: The “Brownie Batter Oatmeal” found here: Delicious! She has TONS of other oatmeal recipes. I love her blog and am always trying new foods from this site.  Happy feasting!




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